The Missing Sister – Book 7

Format: Hardback, ebook
ISBN: 978-1952457234
27 May 2021

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From the Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author comes the latest installment in the epic multimillion-selling series, The Seven Sisters.

Following Georg Hoffman’s revelation that he may have found The Missing Sister, Maia and Ally discover that all they have to go on is an address of a vineyard in New Zealand, plus a drawing of an unusual star-shaped emerald ring. Deciding that CeCe, who lives in Australia, is the closest, they send her to investigate with her partner, Chrissie. So begins a race against time to identify the Missing Sister, so she can join her sisters on The Titan to lay a wreath at a spot on the Aegean Sea where Ally last saw Pa Salt’s boat.

It’s a race that takes them across the globe, as Mary McDougal, the woman who has the emerald ring that can confirm for certain if her daughter, Mary-Kate, is the Missing Sister, has embarked on a world tour after the death of her husband.

As each sister takes their turn to trace her in New Zealand, Canada, England, France and Ireland, the elusive Mary manages to slip through their fingers, and it seems that she does not want to be found…

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‘The Seven Sisters series sees Lucinda Riley at the top of her game: she is a magical storyteller who creates characters we fall in love with and who stay with us long after we finish reading. Her latest book, The Missing Sister, is what we’ve all been waiting for.’
Sunday Times, South Africa

‘I cannot think of another series that I have found so all-consuming and engaging as this one.’
Always with a Book, USA

‘I highly recommend this book and every book in this series… trust me, you won’t be sorry.’
The Book Review

‘As with the other books in the series, the past and present weave together, merging with myth and lore to create a dazzling, rich saga that lingers long in the reader’s mind even after the final page.’
Book Trib

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