Bookclub Questions – The Moon Sister

1. Zara points out that it is better for the child if the parents divorce, rather than stay together and remain unhappy. Do you agree with this?

2. How would you preserve an estate like the Kinnaird lands? What animals would you be keen on reintroducing?

3. How do you feel the book deals with the balance between nature and humanity? Do you agree with Tiggy that the culling of deer is cruel, or do you think it is necessary?

4. How do you feel about Tiggy’s veganism? Do you think she should be stricter or more lax?

5. What do you think of the dichotomy between science and holistic approaches to healing? Do you side more with Tiggy or Charlie, or do you think it should be kept in a balance?

6. Tiggy makes some mysterious discoveries while at home in Atlantis — what other clues to the mystery of #whoispasalt have you discovered in the series so far?

7. Zed makes his first appearance in the series, although he has been mentioned in previous books. What do you think of his character and his connection to the D’Apliese sisters?

8. At the end of ‘The Moon Sister’, we gain insight into Electra’s life in New York — do you have theories of what her story will bring?

9. Did you like seeing the other sisters mentioned again in this book? How did you feel about Ally giving birth to the first D’Apliese grandchild?